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released April 13, 2019


all rights reserved




WOODLANDS MUSIC a new creative expression from the Woodlands group of churches in Bristol, gathering collaborators from across the church to make art that looks, sounds and even smells like Bristol, for the glory of God.
We want to see our city revived to live as God intended, and we believe that the flourishing of the arts is a part of that.
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Track Name: Good News
It's good news for the poor
And good news for the blind
For all the forsaken, those who mourn
There's hope in Jesus Christ

It's good news for the priest
And good news for the thief
For those who have tried and those who've failed;
The last, the lost the least

Lift your heads, the holy king
Is coming in, coming in
Lift your hands you weary ones
To welcome him, welcome him
You who weep will be comforted,
Your tears will be wiped away
so lift your voice to welcome him
The coming king, the coming king

It's good news for the strong
And good news for the strays
For all the forgotten lonely ones
In him you'll find your place

You are our hope and our freedom, you are our home
You are our strength, our foundation; we don't stand alone
I lay it all down at your feet you alone be my treasure
Yours be the power and the glory forever and ever (ever and ever)
Track Name: No Bounds
When my heart feels ground to dust
help me know you, teach me how to trust
It's your hand that guides me through
For you've made promises that will come true

You won't give up on me
Your love knows no bounds
You won't give up on me

Every time my heart is questioning
I know you're the answer
Cause I know that my redeemer lives
I know that he'll find me
Run to me and see me as I am
You will always love me as I am
Your love knows no bounds

Through my pressures, through my grief
You're not shaken by my unbelief
Now my hope is standing tall
God you're with me God you hear me call

Wide and boundless, your love makes me fearless
Wide and boundless, you're making me fearless
Wide and boundless, you make me fearless
(Your love knows no bounds)
Track Name: Thirsting
Find me on bended knees
My prayers admit to defeat
I come before you again
knowing that I've reached my end

I cling to your love and your mercy
your hope your truth and your grace
Humbled I crawl to your fountain
lord would you grant me a taste?

My Spirit's an opening flower
Your song is the rain
I'm longing to hear you sing over me
I'm longing to hear you sing

I know I'm not here for long
Maybe even tomorrow I'll be gone
We shiver and sway like grass in the breeze
And fall to the ground like the leaves form the trees

But i know the tears shall be washed away
I know the last shall be first
I know that death has no hold on me
For I know you have broken the curse

Stretch out your mighty hand
And the nations will fall
Even your still small voice
Could quieten the raging storms

Where could i hide form your presence?
There is no place left to run
Your love deeper than the ocean
Your glory more bright than the sun
Track Name: Confident in Love
By your great mercy, by your great love
There's rest for the restless soul
Hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak
Courage in the unknown

For God is not against me he's strong to save
Mighty in his acts and deeds
His promises will stand through the darkest days
Conquering my every fear
I will stand confident, I will stand confident in love

No longer divided, no longer alone
For Christ is the life and way
Truth and restorer, redeemer and king
The name above every name

God my salvation, God my delight
Who frees me from anguish and shame
Though armies besiege me
Your hand will not fail
Of Whom shall I be afraid?
Track Name: Speak to Me
Lord, speak to me
Your servant, I'm listening
Teach me to walk in the steps of my saviour

I will follow you when everything's unclear
I will look to you, when all ahead is dark
You're my father God
You know what's best for me
You're all that I need
You're all I need

Lord, here I am
I'm ready to serve you
Lead where you will
and I will obey you

Lord I hear you you're calling me into your life
Say the word and I'll follow wherever you go
For the darkness will never extinguish your light
You're the peace in my battles my fire in the night
Track Name: Shadow of Your Wings
Take me back to the shadow of your wings
Take me back to the place where my heart sings
For there is a hunger deep within
That cannot be fed by earthly things

Breathe your life into my soul
Where I'm broken, make me whole
Draw me close, call me your own
How I've waited, how I've longed for you

You lifted my head when I lay in despair
In my father's house I find mercy there
The place I'm from is the place I belong
another prodigal come stumbling home

Set your shape in me, grow your grace in me
shine your light through me, make it well with me
Track Name: Place My heart
I place my heart in your hands o lord
Take me back to the start where you're first my lord

Where else could I go? Where else could I run but to your arms?
I'm covered by your mercy, covered by your grace
you keep me safe from harm

I'm safe in your arms

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